Are You at Risk of a Heart Attack... A Vehicle Heart Attack?

Car Battery UtahThe battery and electrical system in your car is one of the most important components of your car; it’s like the heart of your vehicle. Without it, your vehicle can not operate, just like you can’t survive without a heart as well.



The battery provides your vehicle's electrical system with the electricity it needs to operate. It is the nervous system of your vehicle.



It all starts with your battery. You walk up to your vehicle, hit the button to unlock the doors, and... BATTERY! You open the door and sit down; and, because there is a battery, your vehicle comes to life. As you turn the key, you hear all the different noises including the chime that tells you to close the door, the radio, and the fan for the heater. This all happens before you even start the vehicle. Now we turn the key all the way and the battery is full of action.  It sends a jolt of electricity in all directions throughout your vehicle. It turns on the computer, or the brain, which tells all the individual pieces what to do. These individual pieces all use the battery to operate.  The starter takes a big jolt of electricity to turn over the engine, the fuel pump uses the electricity to pump fuel to the engine, and the spark plugs use the battery's electricity to burn the fuel and keep the engine running. Just like the heart inside all of us, without it we cannot even begin to operate.


We must recognize the warning signs and ask ourselves a few questions.

  1. Does my vehicle turn over and start quickly? With a good strong battery the vehicle should start within the time it takes to say your name. If it takes longer to start your vehicle, that can be warning sign of a weak battery. You are the expert on how your vehicle operates.  This may happen over time so if you remember it starting faster in the past that is a good warning.

  2. Is there a weird rotten egg smell? A battery is filled with chemicals and as a battery gets old it can leak around the posts that the wires hook to. When they leak they can put off a sulfur smell.

  3. If you notice your vehicle doing weird things with the electrical system like: the lights are dim or flickering, the radio not working properly, the fan sounds like it is surging or the gauges or warning lights come on this could be caused by a weak battery

  4. If you look under the hood and see that the battery has fuzzy growth at the battery cables this is a sign that your battery is starting to have problems.

  5. TIME- batteries typically last 3 to 5 years and will vary based on the temperatures and conditions you put them under. A short trip does not allow the battery to get recharged.

Are you seeing some of these issues?  Are you unsure whether your battery is ready for another Utah winter?  We'd be happy to help.  Please feel free to reach out to the Viking team at your earliest convenience, and we'll make sure you're heart is ready to keep the veins of your car pumping with electricity all the way through spring.



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