Automobile Service Tips to Save You Money

Automobile service is a necessary expense, to keep you safe on the road and to increase the life span of your car. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, balancing the family budget can be tough. If you’re considering scaling back your routine car maintenance, however, it may end up costing you more in the long run.

When you fail to maintain your car, costly repairs and unexpected disruptions are the likely outcome. Not only that, but deferring critical maintenance will drastically shorten your vehicle’s life.

Instead of cutting out your car’s important service visits, why not try some of these suggestions for reducing your auto repair bills?

Patronize Local Automobile Service Shops

Most people do a bit of comparison shopping to determine where to get the best service for the lowest price, and it’s good to do this for automobile repair shops. Some car owners believe that the dealership is the way to go for service, but dealerships often provide the same level of service for a great deal more money than local shops.

Local shops can offer a friendlier atmosphere and more personal attention than a dealership. You are more likely to build a trusting business relationship with the owners and technicians at a locally owned shop, so you’ll always know you’re being dealt with fairly and honestly.

Look for Maintenance Specials and Auto Repair Coupons

One of the most important preventive services for your car is a routine oil change. Oil changes are important for optimal engine performance, but also for extending your car’s life. Having your oil changed also means a routine inspection of fluids, filters and major systems, possibly even a tire rotation. These services are as important as the oil change for keeping your costs low, as they can help the technician detect any potential problems.

Fixing a problem in the early stages, rather than waiting until you’re stranded on the side of the road, can mean the difference between a $100 repair and one that costs thousands.

Most local shops offer coupons and oil change specials throughout the year as well. To save even more, take advantage of those opportunities when they come along.

Pay Attention to Your Car’s Warning Signs

We all know someone who ignores their car’s warning signs because they can’t afford to see their mechanic. But ignoring warning lights, strange noises or unusual performance issues will cost you more money (potentially a lot more money) than having them checked out and repaired as soon as you notice them.

Finally, don’t forget that preventive car maintenance can greatly extend the longevity of your automobile. The longer your car runs, the longer you delay having to purchase a new one. And, new or old, when your car runs great, you feel better too.

Viking Automotive, serving Midvale and the surrounding communities, is committed to helping your car last a lifetime. We work hard to keep our customers’ costs low while offering friendly, personalized service. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, so you’ll always know you can trust your car to Viking Automotive for every automobile service you need.



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