Holiday Road Trip Tips

As we approach the holiday season it’s time to prepare for your holiday road trips! Many people travel to visit for Thanksgiving, and it’s even more common to take some kind of a brief trip to see family over the Christmas holidays. How can you ensure a safe and pleasant road trip during the happiest time of year? We have some ideas and tips for you!

10 Holiday Road Trip Tips

  1. Plan Ahead. What days will you be traveling? What times will certain events be occurring? Will you need to take work off? It’s important to have all the details figured out first so you aren’t on a stressful or angry drive.
  2. Tune Up. Have your vehicle tuned up before the road trip to minimize the chance of a roadside breakdown. Finally get that weird noise checked out, be sure your brake pads aren’t worn, and any other things that might concern you.
  3. Check Heat. You don’t want to be in the middle of a frozen plain to realize that your car’s heater is really struggling. Check your car’s heater in the weeks leading up to your holiday drive.
  4. Oil Change & Boost. Have you oil changed even if you aren’t due for a change yet. It will help your engine reduce friction and run more smoothly. You can also consider an oil additive to boost the lubrication and performance of your engine.
  5. Clean the Car First. A week or so before your big trip is the perfect time to clean out the car. Remove garbage, sports equipment, and other things you’ve been storing so you can make room for delicious pies, presents, luggage, and more.
  6. Tire Prep. It’s important to check your tires before a trip because you don’t know the condition of the roads or if you’ll need extra grip. Properly inflate each of your tires, and rotate if necessary. Consider snow tires or chains if you’ll be driving through snowy mountain conditions.
  7. Holiday Playlist. Ask each member of your family to contribute favorite songs to a holiday playlist so you can have plenty of music and sing-a-longs to make the journey faster.
  8. Leave Early. The roads can get icy in a hurry. Accidents can shut down roadways and holiday traffic is slow enough on its own. Make a plan to leave early to avoid the traffic and also to alleviate stress when you’re stuck in holiday traffic.
  9. Bring Cold Weather Gear. Hopefully you won’t have to change a tire on the side of the road, but if you do? You’ll want heavy duty warm gloves, a coat, hat, and maybe even those handy handwarming packets. Just in case.
  10. Healthy Snacks. During the holidays we eat a lot of sugary and heavy foods, which is the best. But our road trip snacks can be healthy! Packing veggies with ranch dip, fresh fruit, or trail mix can cut down on calories, provide good nutrients, and help stabilize your blood sugar when you’re cranky in traffic.

We wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season! 


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