How to Avoid Trouble with Transmission Repair

Once upon a time, transmission repair was a simple process that many handy folks could do themselves. But, like most mechanical systems today, technology has changed the way transmissions work. Consequently, it’s become next to impossible to perform your own repair service, especially on late-model vehicles.

Your transmission, whether automatic or manual, will last a long time under ideal conditions. Regular maintenance and proactive care will help extend its life further, and reduce unexpected repair costs. When it’s time for a repair, rebuild or replacement, however, take care to choose your repair shop carefully.

How Your Transmission Moves You

Your vehicle’s transmission captures power from the engine and uses that energy to turn the axle. The speed at which your wheels turn depends on which gear is currently activated. Inside the transmission’s housing, clutches and belts engage the proper gears and gear ratios. This creates the ideal amount of speed and torque for your driving conditions, and optimizes fuel consumption. Transmission fluid lubricates and protects these inner workings, preventing damage and ensuring proper operation. When your transmission stops working properly, however, it may be difficult for you to troubleshoot the problem.

Indicators of a Transmission Problem

Rough or delayed shifting is often the first sign of a problem. You may feel a thud or clunk when your vehicle shifts gears. Your car may struggle to achieve your desired speed, making it feel as though you don’t have enough power. If you notice leaking transmission fluid, that’s another sure indicator of trouble. A healthy transmission’s fluid is bright red; if yours has turned dark red or brown, a repair is likely in order.

The Importance of Finding the Right Transmission Repair Shop

A minor problem can be diagnosed and repaired quickly, for a relatively minor cost. A major problem with a newer car’s transmission can cost many thousands of dollars, however. This economic hit is difficult or impossible for most people, so it’s important to visit an auto repair shop you can trust. A trustworthy car repair business will take the time to diagnose the problem and explain it all to you in understandable terms. They will also provide a warranty on their work. If it’s possible to replace parts or install a rebuilt transmission, a trusted shop will make those options available, to help you save money.

In northern Utah, Viking Automotive understands how devastating a major repair can be, both in terms of time and money. They are known in the community for providing exceptional service at a fair price and never recommending a repair you don’t need. Stop by and meet their team today. They can perform periodic maintenance to help prolong the life of your vehicle, and help you avoid costly transmission repair.



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