How to Change a Tire

Just in case you never learned in your Driver’s Education course, we’re here to talk about changing a tire. Unfortunately most drivers will, at one point or another, encounter a flat, blown, or otherwise compromised tire. It may be inconvenient, but changing a tire is not actually too difficult. Still hundreds of people every day need to call friends, family, AAA, or other help to fix a compromised tire. It doesn’t have to be that way! You can change a tire yourself, which will save you time and money – not to mention make you feel pretty amazing. You may also come in handy as a good Samaritan that’s able to save someone else’s family vacation. Here’s how:How to Change a Tire

  1. Safety first – get the car to safe area and turn on hazards. Alert family or friends to your situation and location, just in case.
  2. Pull Out Tire & Tools – it’s just easier to have everything ready to go so you can take care of things in step, so take a minute to pull out the tire, jack, tire iron, an any other necessary tools. If at this point you are missing any of the key pieces, you can call for assistance. This is much better than realizing when you’re halfway through adding the new tire – trust us.
  3. Loosen & Remove Lugnuts – Do this now, because once the car is jacked above ground traction it can be really annoying to try to turn and remove lugnuts while the wheel is spinning. Keep them in a pocket or small bag, and be sure not to lose any.
  4. Jack Up – Carefully align your jack with the metal skeleton of the undercarriage, not a plastic exterior part that will break. Using the jack, pump until the tire can completely clear the ground.
  5. Remove Tire – place it directly into the trunk or mount to the back. You may take it to a tire store for a patch if possible, or it may just need to be disposed.
  6. New Tire – lift the new or donut tire onto your axle and carefully tighten lugnuts. Test the spin and air pressure to be sure everything feels normal. Then you can lower and remove the jack, load everything back in and be on your way.

We understand that sometimes you need to go directly somewhere, but at the first possible minute you should drive directly to a tire store for a new tire, or to repair the old one. Don’t assume it can’t happen again – because it can! And if you encounter persistent issues, call the experts at Viking Auto. We can help! 


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