How to Make Your Vehicle's Heater Sizzle

heater auto repair utahDid you know that the heater in your car works because of the hot antifreeze in your engine?  It’s true, the engine heats up the antifreeze and then sends it underneath your dash board to the heater core, which is basically a small metal box with pipes for the antifreeze to flow through. The fan blows the air across the hot pipes to making it warm.

If your heater is not getting hot there here are a few potential causes:

  1. You may have an antifreeze leak and your system is low.  With the cold temperatures, you may not see your engine overheating at this point, but a slight drop in antifreeze levels can cause a poor lack of performance from your heater.

  2. The antifreeze may have degraded and has blocked off the pipes in the dashboard not allowing the hot water to flow. Your repair shop may suggest a coolant flush going into the winter to help prevent a clog in the heater core.

  3. The heater is controlled with multiple components working in concert. When one is malfunctioning, it may seem like the problem is bigger than it is. Many heating issues can be solved easily.

Quick tip: the heater will blow hotter air if you use the recirculate function because the heater will take the warmer air that is inside the vehicle and send it back through the heater core.  

Viking Automotive has highly skilled technicians, and is great at maintaining and repairing your vehicles heating system. If you have any question or need an appointment call 801-838-8898.  We're always here to help.



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