The Importance of Tire Rotation

The Importance of Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is one of the frequently overlooked maintenance services for a vehicle. We often see people forgetting to get their oil checked and then trying to get the minimum services when they finally do make it in. Or we get the occasional customer with something making scary noises in their engine, and they simply want to fix the main problem without additional expense or stress. Tires often get forgotten until they have become a problem. Today we’ll try to educate and convince you on the importance of regular tire maintenance work"

  1. Even Wear. The whole purpose of rotating your tires is to keep the wear on your tires even. Most vehicles will show harder wear on a certain tire, so rotation allows for the over-worn tires to get a break and the fresher tires to take their turn.
  2. Longer Life. With regular rotation, your tires will wear at a regular and equal pace. You are less likely to have one tire wear out and blow on you. Instead all of your tires will last longer and function at the same level of efficiency, which is safer for you.
  3. Overall Tread Check. Even if your tires are wearing evenly, they will still get too worn at some point. Tire tread is what keeps you from slipping on snowy, icy, or wet roads. For your safety the tires need to have acceptable tread, and a tire expert can tip you off before it’s too late.
  4. Carriage Check. For a tire rotation, our team lifts your vehicle up on our lift and exposes the entire undercarriage. While we perform your tire rotation we also take a quick check of your undercarriage. We can find large problems before they affect you and make strong recommendations to help keep your car young and functioning well.
  5. Warranty. Did you know that most owner’s manuals and care warranties require that you get regular tire rotations in order to keep your warranty valid? It’s because failing to regularly rotate your tires can lead to serious problems for your car’s structure and performance. For most vehicles it is recommended that you rotate tires on the same schedule you use for oil changes.

At Viking Auto we know car maintenance can be intimidating and confusing. We try to make that easier by providing quality work with competitive prices. We explain our steps to you in plain English and we can make regular maintenance like tire rotation easy as possible. Give us a call today


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