Why You Need Fleet Auto Service

Many businesses own and operate a fleet of vehicles as a major part of their model. One or two cars for errands or deliveries is common for most businesses, while some own a line of vans for transportation, or even a whole parking lot of delivery trucks. Whatever the case for your company, it’s important that those vehicles are well taken care of.

Because the vehicles aren’t personally owned, it’s pretty common to see fleet vehicles slipping slowly into disrepair. They aren’t driven every day, or even driven by the same person sometimes, so that weird squeaking noise the engine makes is “not my problem.” Check engine lights go unnoticed or ignored. Busy delivery schedules mean you miss a needed oil change and accidentally let it go months overdue. We can help.

Viking Auto Fleet Service
At Viking Auto we are proud to offer service for business and fleet vehicles. We understand that you rely on these vehicles for your livelihood and that you need them to run in tip-top condition for your business to thrive. We also know how easy it is to forget about regular oil changes, tune & lube checkups, and looking for warning signs. That’s why we’ve created fleet service that works for you.
We will treat your fleet of vehicles as our own, carefully preventing problems, rapidly repairing damage and keeping you running as efficiently as possible. We coordinate to meet the demands of your busy schedule, so your vehicles are never out of commission long.

Preventative Service
The most important thing you can do for your fleet is to stay consistent with preventative services. Viking Auto can provide regular oil changes, fluid replacement, and routine checkups to be sure that each engine in your fleet of business vehicles is running as designed. We’ll keep an eye on engines, tires, brakes, belts, and all the other frequently damaged parts of vehicles that could land you on the side of the road.
We also offer seasonal checks to be sure your vehicles have what they need for the weather.  That means air conditioning and clear windshields in the summer, gripping tires and reliable brakes in the winter. Our goal is to keep you safe and to keep your fleet running efficiently.

Viking Auto can keep your fleet up to date with safety & emissions checks, as well as routine appointments on a schedule, so you never fall behind. We’ll provide honest and efficient automotive work that will allow you to focus on your business and keep things running smoothly. 
If you have a fleet of business vehicles, call Viking Automotive today for more information about keeping them in prime condition. 


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