How to Save Money on Repairs

When it comes time to choose a repair shop, it’s always nice to find a place with a clean facility, a wall covered with ASE certificates, and a customer niche with a coffee pot and some tasty snacks.  But oftentimes, the answer to these next four questions will tell you if you are going to get a job done right and save time and money:

  1. Will the service advisor or the repair technician take the time to listen to your description of  the problem?
  2. Can they explain the solution in terms you can understand?
  3. If necessary, will they go on a test-drive of the car with you?
  4. Do they have the knowledge and proper equipment to diagnose and repair your car the first time?

A good repair tech can pin point a problem when their peers are coming up empty.  You may even have to ask extra questions until you are both satisfied concerning the best solution.  While it’s important to have good equipment and a good knowledge of cars,  a lot of times its listening skills that sets apart a good service tech from  the others. 

There’s nothing wrong with ‘auditioning’ a repair shop before you hire them. See how they handle a small repair before giving them something more serious. 

See how much attention they give you.  Are they really interested in understanding your problem?  Because time is money, they may be tempted to give you quick answers and not really pay attention.  Are their responses based on information they’ve gathered during your discussion? Can they explain what the problem is and how they are going to fix it in laymen’s terms?

Here’s the bottom line. Time is money.  Oftentimes, less time spent on the front end of a problem can many times turn into more time needed on the back end if it isn’t done right.  In this case,  extra time needed to fix your car a second or third time is not only expensive, but costs you your time as well. 

At Viking Automotive, we hire the best technicians and service advisors with the ability to handle any situation you have with your vehicle. That’s the reason we have built the reputation of being the most knowledgeable shop in the area.