Preparing for a Long Road Trip:

Change Your Oil

It’s a good idea to get your oil changed before going on a long road trip unless you just recently had it done.  Do this a few days or even a week before your trip so you’ll  have enough time to be sure there are no problems with the oil change.

Change Your Air Filter

Another powerful but simple way to get better fuel economy on your trip is to change your engines air filter. 

Check/Adjust Tire Pressure

Your tires are a critical part of the safety of your vehicle.  By having the pressure too low or too high you run risks of bad fuel economy but more importantly you run more serious risk such as tire blow outs.  If you are unsure of the proper tire pressure for your vehicle/tires you can find the information in the vehicle’s manual, on the tire itself and if you are still in doubt give us call.

Check The Tread on Your Tires

It’s just as important to check the tread on your tires as it is the air pressure.  You might to have a professional help you.  You can also check the tread on your tires yourself first, with this little trick.  Place a penny in the tread of your tire.  If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, you might want to have them inspected by a professional. 

Check Your Spare Tire

This is one of the things that is forgotten about the most. Be sure to check the tire pressure and the tread on your spare as well.

Check Your Coolant

Traveling to an area that is much hotter or cooler may require that you adjust the mixture of water and antifreeze. You wouldn’t want to be caught in the desert or a blizzard unprepared.