Automotive Mechanic Near Me Services

Preventative Maintenance

By providing regular routine maintenance on your vehicle you can greatly decrease the chance and frequency of major repairs and breakdowns as well as increase the life and value of your vehicle.  Each manufacturer recommends certain routine maintenance for their vehicles and at Viking we can assure those routine services are done correctly according to your manufacturers recommendations. We’ll keep your car or truck running well.


Brake Service

Brakes are critical to the safety of your vehicle and like many critical parts require regular servicing. If you are in doubt that your breaks are in top shape we strongly encourage you to come in for a free brake inspection.  We can easily tell if your brakes are in need of replacement or if other work is required such as new rotors etc.

Transmission Service

The Transmission is one of the most important parts of your car.  We can provide the regular service needed to keep your transmission running strong.  Aside from being a very important part of your vehicle it is also one of the most complicated which is why if you are having a problem with your transmission you should trust just anyone.  At Viking our expert mechanics have the proper training and experience to properly diagnose and address your transmission problem.


Oil Change & Lube Service

The most frequent routine maintenance you should be performing on your vehicle is regular oil changes.  By keeping clean and accurate levels of oil in your vehicle you will greatly increase the life of the engine.  At Viking we don’t use cheap oil that you might find at some of the “In and Out” oil change shops, instead we ensure that we use a high quality grade oil that is correct for individual needs of your vehicle.

Safety and Emissions Service

Is it that time of the year again to get your safety and emissions check done?  We would love to help.  Call or stop in today and we can help you know whether your vehicle is in need of a safety and emissions or just the safety check.  Either way we can get them both done are our Midvale shop.


We Service Most Makes and Models of Vehicles!

American  vehicles (Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford GMC, Jeep, ETC), Foreign vehicles (Audi,Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, BMW, Saab, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen, Lexus, Honda, ETC.)  We even service off road and recreational vehicles.  If your vehicle is not listed there is still a great chance that we service it.  When in doubt give us a call.