Winter Driving Automotive Tips

Winter weather can throw some nasty surprises at us, and your car needs special attention to give you it’s best performance. Getting prepared for the winter driver season will help you keep those surprises to a minimum. 

Here’s some ideas on how to keep keep warm and your windows clear when using the heating system in your car. Make sure you are using fresh air from outside the car when using your defroster. That’s because the system has to get rid of the moisture in the air. Using fresh air from outside the car allows it to do that.  Your air conditioning can be used this way too, since that is what the A/C system does is remove the moisture from the air. With the heat on, you’ll keep the inside of the car warm. In fact,  some new cars automatically turn on the A/C and use fresh air in when you are using your defrost mode. Drop by, if you need to know about your particular car, and we’ll be glad to show you how it works. 

Check your wipers and make sure the blades are in good condition. They wear out over time and should be replaced.  Make sure you have plenty of washer fluid so you are ready if needed. And, it’s time to brush off the snow brush, and have it ready in your car ahead of time. Make sure it has a good ice scraper on it as well. 

You’ll feel a lot safer if you make sure you have the proper tires for the season and good tread for traction. Allseason tires are great, but if they don’t have enough tread, they won’t help much. Mud and snow tires are even better, especially if you live where you’ll be driving through a lot of bad weather.  Keep your tires inflated to their correct pressure. And remember to slow down. You’ll need to adjust quickly to the first storm of the season so you’re not still in summer mode with shorter stopping times and distances. 

You can stop by any time and we’ll check these items for you to make sure you’re ready for winter driving.  In fact, we check them each time we service your vehicle as well. We want you to be safe. We’re happy to help.