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Avoiding Transmission Repairs 101

The best way to avoid transmission repairs is to know what purpose it serves in the vehicle and how to properly care for it.  

No matter what kind of vehicle is driven the transmission's purpose remains the same as one of the most critical components within the engine. The transmission is made up of belts or chains that work to push power to the engine and bring life to the wheel system. In doing so, the engine and wheel system work together and allow the driver to be in complete control of speed. If a driver wishes to increase or decrease speed, the transmission makes sure the engine of the vehicle turns at a balanced rate. If the engine did not have the help of the transmission the engine would overwork itself and fail. This process is in the best interest of the driver because it ensures the wheels get an appropriate amount of power and allow the driver to get where they need to go at the speed they desire. 

With this understanding of how the transmission works and gives assistance to a vehicle's engine and wheel system, it is also critical to understand the importance of taking care of the transmission. In order to eliminate the chances of transmission repairs, a driver must take several different steps as well as keep an eye out for several different signs.  

What are some ways to take care of the transmission? 

  1. Check transmission fluids 
  2. Do not change gears while the vehicle is in motion 
  3. Get transmission flushed regularly 
  4. Have the engine cooling system serviced 
  5. Allow vehicle to warm up before driven (especially in winter months) 
  6. Have the transmission inspected on an annual basis 

Along with these steps to better care for the transmission of a vehicle, there are also signs to look out for that will give the driver the opportunity to get a vehicle to a professional before things get out of hand. Some warning signs include:  

  1. Burning smells 
  2. Leaking fluids 
  3. Check engine light is on 
  4. Grinding or Shaking 

The four signs above are only some of the symptoms a vehicle may have when the transmission is in need of attention and may need replacing. Taking a vehicle to an authorized professional is crucial for the well-being of a vehicle because it eliminates the chances of the vehicle being serviced improperly which can lead to further engine issues in the future. An expert technician can ensure that if the driver decided to have the transmission rebuilt, it is done correctly and the driver can get back on the road with peace of mind. It also is a less expensive route for the driver instead of buying a different vehicle.